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Today was pure hell

You may have a lidocaine insensitivity. My girlfriend has it and needs different drugs at the dentist and when getting topical anesthesia.

You should talk to your doctor AND dentist about it.

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Video: How Crayola Crayons Are Made

Process Crayola from WIRED on Vimeo. A peek into how Crayola makes its iconic crayon.

Good Fallon the saturation filters.

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Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

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  • Because when someone doesn’t want to date me because I’m poly it’s ‘understandable’ but when I don’t want to date someone because they are monogamous it’s ‘ridiculous.’
  • Because all relationship advice tells you that if you have feelings for someone else while you’re in a relationship you’re a bad person.
  • Because everyone tries to sex-shame me.
  • Because when I tell people me and my partner have an open relationship they assume it’s because we’re going through a rough patch.
  • Because people equate ‘multiple partners’ with ‘predator’ and think everything I say is an attempt to get in their pants.
  • Because I am fed up of love triangles as easy plot devices in my media.
  • Because when a monogamous couple have sex with each other every night it’s having an active sex drive. When I have sex with a different partner every night I’m a nymphomaniac.
  • Because people think that monogamy = validity, always.
  • Because monogamous hetronormativity is so ingrained that I don’t even feel like I can dance with someone without telling them the complete logistics of my love life.
  • Because people genuinely believe that raising a child communally is damaging to development.
  • Because when I say ‘I could never be monogamous’ I get dirty looks.
  • Because too many people have tried to confide in me when they’re cheating because ‘I thought you, of all people, would understand.’
  • Because I can’t talk about my relationship troubles with my monogamous friends because ‘I always have something to fall back on.’ As if my relationships are meaningless.

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All of this.

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Prints? Prints? Where are the prints?

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